SpectraSec transforms standards into best practices and vulnerabilities into skill


SpectraSec focuses on offering information security services to startups and SMEs with a Spectral Approach in mind.

We present new ways for improving and securing business processes, we strive to make security simple and affordable.

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Information security should not be complicated, we strive to make it simple and reasonable



We enjoy doing information security and hope you will enjoy it too



Beautiful report can’t protect you, you need real, achievable and effective action plan


Here is what SpectraSec can do to improve your security posture


  • Analyze gaps between standards and legislation
  • Identify security controls
  • Become compliant
  • Provide solution


  • Build policies, instructions and ISMS
  • Design information security program
  • Create full security assessment toolkit
  • Assess project specific security requirements

Risk Management

  • Analyze IT assets
  • Match cyber risks and controls
  • Build compliant risk handling process
  • Define information security risk assessment approach

Security Awareness

  • Incident handling
  • Privacy & data protection
  • Phishing attack simulation
  • Information security best practices

Threat Assessment

  • Discover ecosystem vulnerabilities
  • Define remediation action plan
  • Implement solutions
  • Retest

Website Security

  • Develop a secure website
  • Attractive & SEO optimized
  • Malicious code removal
  • Security hardening and monitoring

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Information Security Services for Startups and SME/SMBs

Startups are incredibly vulnerable to cyber attacks in their first 18 months. Some might think they are too small to become a target of cyber crime, but in cyberspace one does not have to be a target to become a victim.

At SpectraSec we love working with startups and we know that information security is a great business and sales enabler, allowing startups to grow with confidence.

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€ 5.8 Million

Average cost of a data breach

90 Million

Annual amount of cyber security incidents

68 %

Unrecoverable funds due to cyber attack


At SpectraSec we solve information security problems with our solutions

IGNIS (torch, fire – pronounced as i:ni:s) is an online solution for security assessments. It can be used with different purposes and comes with following main features:

  • Security Questionnaires and Scoring – Security questionnaires designed with simplicity in mind
  • Compliance – Check your compliance level to GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS and more
  • Vendor Assessment – Check security level and trustworthiness of third parties
  • Custom Questionnaire – Create your own security questionnaire
  • Evidence Collection – Respondents can attach evidences to questionnaire
  • Response Analysis – Analyze responses inside IGNIS or export them in any format
  • Security Risk Assessment – Assess risk in your enterprise and make correct decisions with collected data



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